The ATCARE - Innovative Health Solutions, founded by renowned and experienced staff with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceutical and consumer products and services. In Greece, operating since early 2008 in the healthcare industry.
The company decided to focus on products associated with diabetes, starting with a specific food products. The first category of products imported into the Greek market functional foods Extend Snacks. This multi only in Greece category boosted a company's creative development and introduction of new products, always as the exclusive agent. The 2008 implements a concept in cooperation with a Greek producer of chocolate: the creation of Greek Sugar Free Chocolate Wish.
Today, it maintains a dynamic part of Medical Information to visit Diabetology, Endocrinology Specialists physicians and nutritionists. In addition, the company has a Sales Department to close and successful cooperation with pharmacies.
ATCARE's primary concern is to offer the Greek patient, pharmacist and physician, innovative products and quality services. At the same time, wishes to contribute to the development of the pharmacy market with the support and advice to the pharmacist.
A key element of our corporate culture is team work and rewarding people who contribute to the continuous growth of the company. We believe those who support us every day and work with us to achieve our goals. In ATCARE, we believe in our people. We invest in our people as they first invested in us. We try to create teams with enthusiasm and innovative ideas.
The company aims to inform consumers and health professionals on nutritional issues specific diseases. Also, because of increased childhood obesity, the company wants to help turn the alarm and concern about the current Greek diet.
Gradual and steady development of human capabilities. Everyone is different, so we can make a difference in the result. Respect and protect the environment. Hon