Modern lifestyle (smoking, sedentary life, unhealthy diet, excessive stress) is a crucial factor that has increased the risk of Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity, which form the metabolic syndrome. In Greece, about ¼ of the population has this syndrome.

For this reason, the ATCARE has specialized in these three components of the metabolic syndrome. Thanks to its know-how, the company proposes the most innovative health solutions through the intensive and long-term monitoring and its reliable medical sources .

The ATCARE company is the exclusive representative of the Swiss company ForaCare Suisse in Greece, which operates in the provision of reliable health services, in order to achieve the optimal management of diabetes, hypertension and telehealth programs. It provides the innovative and technologically advanced products branded Fora and offers accurate and practical services to healthcare. It's vision is to improve the quality of life, through the constant invest in Research and Development.

Furthermore, in collaboration with a scientific team of nutritionists, the ATCARE company designed Wish Snacks, a series of healthy food products with high quality and nutritional value, made from pure raw materials no added sugar. Wish Snacks concentrate the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean diet. Finally, the ATCARE  company has a long-term cooperation with Greek and foreign companies of the food industry and extended its portfolio with more products of high nutritional value: superfoods and natural sweeteners.